Our procurement specialists excel in sourcing essential building supplies, keeping your operations running smoothly.

About Lane & Wenden

Established in 1979, Lane & Wenden stands as testament to family-driven success in the procurement sector. For over four decades, we have been delivering products and materials to businesses across the country including but not limited to centres for business & technology, retail parks, hotels & leisure, keyworker accommodation, historic buildings, and education.

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful ethos: to combine personal, hands-on service with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. It’s this approach that has allowed us to evolve, adapt, and grow alongside our clients. Today, we’re not just procurers; we’re partners in sustaining the operational excellence of your establishment.

Whether you’re well-versed in your requirements or seeking our expertise in selecting the perfect products, we’re here to offer tailored solutions which offer best value for money balanced against quality, delivery & sustainability.


We offer tailored procurement solutions ensuring each order is met with expertise and precision.

Business Centres

business park

Focusing on efficient and sustainable systems, including cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning, to maintain functional environments.

Retail Outlets

retail park

Providing goods to ensure the retail environment and customer experience remain consistently optimal enhancing shopper satisfaction.


We provide hotels with a selection of high quality sanitary ware, brassware products, including taps, shower fittings, bathroom accessories, and decorative hardware.

Historic Buildings

Red Concrete Building Through Black Metal Gates Opened

Specialising in sourcing specialist building materials and paints to ensure the integrity and authenticity of historic buildings are preserved.

Keyworker Accommodation

keyworker accommodation

Supplying all necessary components for living accommodation, including furniture, cutlery, electricals, linen, and curtains, ensuring comfort and reliability.


Focused on creating a safe and conducive learning environment, supplying schools with eco-friendly paints, building maintenance materials, and plumbing.

Frequently asked questions

Lane & Wenden have been specialist suppliers to organisations and companies including facilities management since our inception in 1979. Sourcing quality, sustainable products across all sectors of the supply industry.

Just some examples:

  • Replacement Parts for Cooling Systems, AC Systems, Refrigeration Systems.
  • IT Equipment.
  • General Electrical Supplies, Mechanical Supplies.
  • Signage, Tools, Leak Detection, Building Fabric Maintenance Materials.
  • Plumbing, Sanitaryware, Brassware, Valves, Drainage.
  • Ironmongery, Pest control products, Gas Monitoring Products.

We are very used to supplying at short notice particularly when dealing with reactive maintenance. Urgent orders will be placed the same day and optimal delivery selected.

Our team is always available to offer expert advice. You can contact us via phone, email, or our website form to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll guide you to the best solutions. You will always receive an efficient and timely response and will be kept fully informed at all stages of any purchase process.

Having been a supplier for more than 40 years Lane & Wenden have a vast network of supplier accounts across all industries we can connect with. Once the search has been narrowed, we can explore those suppliers, and where appropriate reach out to manufacturers directly to discuss specific requirements.

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